Interactive Visualization

We deal with interactive visual analysis of complex scientific data. We integrate simulation, visualization, and analysis in unified workflows in order to support experts in various domains.

Research Priorities

Modern simulation techniques generate large amounts of complex data.The simulation models have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of parameters. Exploring and tuning such models is a very challenging task. It can be successfully solved only by a combination of automatic and interactive methods.
The research in this group targets a synergy of interactive visualization, and computational analysis to simplify and speedup the entire workflow of exploration and optimization of complex engineering systems.
We provide novel methods for the preparation of simulations, controlling multiple simulation runs, and the interactive visual analysis of complex 3D and nD simulation results. We focus on complex data which usually includes many curves, surfaces, or other complex structures, per simulation run.
Our application domains include automotive engineering, geology, and medicine.
To support the initial setup of simulation domains, we also investigate visual techniques for interactive mesh editing and domain decomposition. We enable the exploration of high-dimensional parameter spaces by allowing the user to effectively create and steer simulation ensembles thereof. Our steering solutions, Hybrid steering and Hierarchical Steering, make it possible to simultaneously explore and analyze several simulation models of varying complexity.


  • Interactive Visual Analysis
  • Analysis and Steering of Simulation Ensembles
  • Parameter Space Exploration
  • Visualization Systems
  • Integrating Simulation and Visualization
  • Interactive Meshing for CFD Simulation


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Key Publications

K. Matkovic, D. Gracanin, R. Splechtna, M. Jelovic, B. Stehno, H. Hauser, and W. Purgathofer
Visual Analytics for Complex Engineering Systems: Hybrid Visual Steering of Simulation Ensembles,
in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol.20, no.12, pp.1803-1812, Dec. 31 2014

K. Matkovic, D. Gracanin, M. Jelovic, H. Hauser
Interactive Visual Steering - Rapid Visual Prototyping of a Common Rail Injection System,
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer, vol. 14, no. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2008

Z. Konyha, K. Matkovic, D. Gracanin, M. Jelovic, and H. Hauser
Interactive Visual Analysis of Families of Function Graphs, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 12, no. 6, November/December 2006


SimVis is an interactive visual analysis platform for large, multi-variate, and time-dependent 3D simulation data on unstructured grids. SimVis stands for Simulation Visualization, which also describes its main application field.

ComVis is a coordinated multiple views research platform. It supports advanced interaction, multiple composite brushes, and a simultaneous analysis of multiple data tables. Besides standard scalar attributes, it also supports complex data, such as curves, surfaces, sets, trajectories, and events along trajectories, as atomic units in records.



Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
University of Bergen, Norway
University of Magdeburg, Germany
University of Bahia Blanca, Argentina
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Application Partners

AGFA HealthCare GmbH
AVL List GmbH
Heinemann Fluid Dynamics Research GmbH

Current Projects

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